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Baremetal ToR - BHS

Created: Oct 19, 2020 14:17 | Source @OVH

Planned - Maintenance

Le 9/10/12 Novembre 2020 à partir de 05h00 (Heure local BHS) jusqu'à 09h00, nous allons procéder à la mise-à-jours des switches de baie. Aucun impact prévu.
On 9/10/12th November from 05h00 AM (local time BHS) until 09h00 AM, we will proceed of update top of rack switches. No impact is planned.
Baie/Rack: T06F31 Switch: bhs6-sdtor98a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B01 Switch: bhs6-sdtor13a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B02 Switch: bhs6-sdtor3a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B03 Switch: bhs6-sdtor12a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B04 Switch: bhs6-sdtor14a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B05 Switch: bhs6-sdtor17a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B06 Switch: bhs6-sdtor15a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B07 Switch: bhs6-sdtor18a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B08 Switch: bhs6-sdtor1a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B09 Switch: bhs6-sdtor2a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B13 Switch: bhs6-sdtor4a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B14 Switch: bhs6-sdtor5a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B15 Switch: bhs6-sdtor6a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B10 Switch: bhs6-sdtor11a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B11 Switch: bhs6-sdtor16a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B12 Switch: bhs6-sdtor19a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B18 Switch: bhs6-sdtor10a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B17 Switch: bhs6-sdtor9a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B16 Switch: bhs6-sdtor8a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B23 Switch: bhs6-sdtor20a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B22 Switch: bhs6-sdtor31a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B24 Switch: bhs6-sdtor25a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B25 Switch: bhs6-sdtor22a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B29 Switch: bhs6-sdtor30a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B33 Switch: bhs6-sdtor28a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B32 Switch: bhs6-sdtor24a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B31 Switch: bhs6-sdtor23a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B36 Switch: bhs6-sdtor27a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B35 Switch: bhs6-sdtor26a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06B34 Switch: bhs6-sdtor29a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C05 Switch: bhs6-sdtor32a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C09 Switch: bhs6-sdtor33a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C08 Switch: bhs6-sdtor34a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C11 Switch: bhs6-sdtor36a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C10 Switch: bhs6-sdtor35a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C17 Switch: bhs6-sdtor37a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C23 Switch: bhs6-sdtor38a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C22 Switch: bhs6-sdtor39a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C27 Switch: bhs6-sdtor40a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C32 Switch: bhs6-sdtor44a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C28 Switch: bhs6-sdtor41a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C33 Switch: bhs6-sdtor42a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C29 Switch: bhs6-sdtor43a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C37 Switch: bhs6-sdtor45a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C38 Switch: bhs6-sdtor46a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06C39 Switch: bhs6-sdtor49a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D03 Switch: bhs6-sdtor48a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D07 Switch: bhs6-sdtor50a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D15 Switch: bhs6-sdtor52a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D16 Switch: bhs6-sdtor53a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D18 Switch: bhs6-sdtor51a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D23 Switch: bhs6-sdtor54a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D24 Switch: bhs6-sdtor55a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D27 Switch: bhs6-sdtor58a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D28 Switch: bhs6-sdtor56a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D29 Switch: bhs6-sdtor57a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D37 Switch: bhs6-sdtor59a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D38 Switch: bhs6-sdtor60a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06D39 Switch: bhs6-sdtor61a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E01 Switch: bhs6-sdtor62a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E07 Switch: bhs6-sdtor68a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E02 Switch: bhs6-sdtor63a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E03 Switch: bhs6-sdtor64a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E04 Switch: bhs6-sdtor65a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E05 Switch: bhs6-sdtor66a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E06 Switch: bhs6-sdtor67a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E08 Switch: bhs6-sdtor72a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E09 Switch: bhs6-sdtor70a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E10 Switch: bhs6-sdtor71a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E12 Switch: bhs6-sdtor73a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E13 Switch: bhs6-sdtor74a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E22 Switch: bhs6-sdtor76a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E23 Switch: bhs6-sdtor78a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E24 Switch: bhs6-sdtor79a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E29 Switch: bhs6-sdtor80a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E30 Switch: bhs6-sdtor81a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E31 Switch: bhs6-sdtor82a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E32 Switch: bhs6-sdtor83a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E33 Switch: bhs6-sdtor84a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06E34 Switch: bhs6-sdtor85a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F29 Switch: bhs6-sdtor97a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F32 Switch: bhs6-sdtor100a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F30 Switch: bhs6-sdtor101a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F33 Switch: bhs6-sdtor102a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F34 Switch: bhs6-sdtor103a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F36 Switch: bhs6-sdtor104a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F35 Switch: bhs6-sdtor105a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F01 Switch: bhs6-sdtor106a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F02 Switch: bhs6-sdtor107a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F37 Switch: bhs6-sdtor108a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F38 Switch: bhs6-sdtor109a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06F39 Switch: bhs6-sdtor110a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G01 Switch: bhs6-sdtor112a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G04 Switch: bhs6-sdtor115a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G05 Switch: bhs6-sdtor114a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G06 Switch: bhs6-sdtor113a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G07 Switch: bhs6-sdtor116a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G10 Switch: bhs6-sdtor119a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G15 Switch: bhs6-sdtor120a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G16 Switch: bhs6-sdtor122a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G17 Switch: bhs6-sdtor126a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G22 Switch: bhs6-sdtor127a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G23 Switch: bhs6-sdtor132a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G24 Switch: bhs6-sdtor131a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G25 Switch: bhs6-sdtor130a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G26 Switch: bhs6-sdtor129a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G27 Switch: bhs6-sdtor133a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G28 Switch: bhs6-sdtor135a-n3
Baie/Rack: T06G31 Switch: bhs6-sdtor137a-n3
Nous débutons la maintenance -- We begin the maintenance
Nov 09, 2020 11:12 by OVH
20% des mise-a-jours complété -- 20% of the update completed.
Nov 09, 2020 13:12 by OVH
40% des mise-à-jours complété. Nous allons continuer demain. -- 40% of the update completed. We will continue tomorrow.
Nov 09, 2020 14:25 by OVH
Nous débutons les 60% restant. -- We begin the remaining 60%.
Nov 10, 2020 10:56 by OVH
95% complété. Nous continuons Jeudi. -- 95% completed, we continue on Thursday.
Nov 10, 2020 16:19 by OVH