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VPS/PCI - Debian 8 EOL

Created: Sep 07, 2020 16:55 | Source @OVH

In progress - Maintenance

The Debian 8 LTS has come to end of life ( As a result we will disable Debian 8 and images based on Debian 8 which will be replaced with new images.
This means customers will no longer be able to reinstall with Debian 8 images or order services with Debian 8 installed.
We will continue to expand our image catalog with new images in the near future.
Should existing Public Cloud customer have a need for Debian 8, it will still be possible to use private images (you can upload your own Debian 8 images via OpenStack CLI / Horizon). This is not available for VPS products.
Impact: None
Regions: All
ETA: Wednesday 16th of September 2020
New images are now available for public cloud customers, we encourage using these new images instead of the Debian 8 images. They will remain available until the new images become available for VPS products. We will disable the Debian 8 images for both products at the same time. An ETA will be provided as soon as possible.
Sep 07, 2020 18:47 by OVH
The new guides has been published on our documentation page for both PCI and VPS. The ETA for the new images on VPS2020 is Wednesday 16th of September 2020. On the same day Debian 8 will be disabled.
Sep 10, 2020 10:54 by OVH
New images are active for VPS2020 now and Debian 8 options has been removed (only for VPS2020 right now). Guide for PCI: Guide for VPS2020:
Sep 16, 2020 15:44 by OVH