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infrastructure management : Swicth

Created: Aug 12, 2020 16:25 | Source @OVH

Planned - Maintenance

bonjour ,
Nous allons realiser l'upgrade de certains switchs a la derniere version :
RBX7 SW pccHost23
RBX7 SW pcchost59
RBX7 SW pccsto48
RBX7 SW pccsto51
Cette operation Debutera jeudi matin 06H30 AM pour les switchs Storage.
Des bascules master/slave seront ealises afin de mettre a jour les tetes l'une apres l'autre.
We will upgrade some switchs to the latest version.
several couple of switchs are impacted :
RBX7 SW pccHost23
RBX7 SW pcchost59
RBX7 SW pccsto48
RBX7 SW pccsto51
this operation will start Thursday 13th August at 07H AM tomorrow.
impact : a switchover master/slave will be done in order to upgrade each node one after the other.
We had an impact on the following pools for several minutes. All pools have been switch te slave nodes in order to resume service for clients impacted. Start: 19:09 End: 20:13 --------------- tete-7431 --------------- pcc-009708 --------------- tete-7432 --------------- pcc-009992 pcc-010000 pcc-010001 pcc-010002 pcc-010004 pcc-010655 --------------- tete-7433 --------------- pcc-009955 pcc-010608 --------------- tete-7434 --------------- pcc-009704 --------------- tete-7435 --------------- pcc-009705 --------------- tete-7436 --------------- pcc-009785 pcc-009865 --------------- tete-7437 --------------- pcc-009702 --------------- tete-7438 --------------- pcc-009778 --------------- tete-7439 --------------- pcc-009707 --------------- tete-7440 --------------- pcc-009701 --------------- tete-7442 --------------- pcc-009808 pcc-009970 pcc-009971 pcc-009982 --------------- tete-7443 --------------- pcc-009853 --------------- tete-7445 --------------- pcc-009810 pcc-009816 pcc-009976 pcc-009977 --------------- tete-7446 --------------- pcc-009817 pcc-009945 pcc-009990 pcc-009998 --------------- tete-7447 --------------- pcc-010724 pcc-010725 pcc-010726 pcc-010727 pcc-010728 pcc-010729 pcc-010730 pcc-010745 pcc-010748 pcc-010749 --------------- tete-7448 --------------- pcc-009766 pcc-009769 pcc-009784 pcc-009994
Aug 20, 2020 20:33 by OVH