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Container 46 | switch rbx6-21a/b-n56

Created: May 29, 2019 15:36 | Source @OVH

Planned - Maintenance

Description: Nous allons faire une maintenance le 30 mai entre 0h et 6h UTC+2 sur le couple de switch rbx6-21a/b-n56 qui alimente les switch de baie du container 46 à RBX6.
Impact: Infrastructure active/active, il n'y a pas d'impact. Des perturbation on pu être ressenties au moment de la coupure de 4h à 6h UTC+2. Plus de détails au cours de l'intervention
Description: There will be an maintenance on may 30th from 12am to 6am UTC+2 on the following couple of switches rbx6-21a/b-n56 which deliver the network access layer on RBX6 container number 46.
Impact: Active/active infrastructure there is not impact. Some perturbations might have been observerd from 4am to 6am UTC+2. More detail to come during the change.
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