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infrastructure Management - Upgrade Veeam B&R from v8.0.XX to 9.5.1922

Created: Dec 28, 2018 20:17
Closed: Jan 31, 2019 06:29

CLOSED - Maintenance

nous allons mettre a jour l'ensemble des serveurs Veeam B&R
Chaque upgrade de backup serveur dure environ 1 heure.
Les sauvegardes et les restaurations ne sont pas possible durant cette operation.
programmation :
BHS1A 9-11 janvier 2019 Localtime
RBX2A 21-23 Janvier 2019 Localtime
SBG1A 21-23 Janvier 2019 Localtime
RBX2B 21 Janvier - 01 fevrier 2019 Localtime ( Prolongation )
We will upgrade all the Veeam B&R servers
Each backup server's upgrade take 1 hour.
Backup and restore won't be possible during this upgrade.
Schedule :
BHS1A 9th - 11th january 2019 Localtime
RBX2A 21th -23th january 2019 Localtime
SBG1A 21th -23th january 2019 Localtime
RBX2B 21th january - 01 february 2019 Localtime ( extension )
Bonjour, Nous commencons l'opereation sur BHS. ---- hello, We are going to start this operation on BHS.
Jan 09, 2019 15:32 by OVH
Bonjour, Nous commencons l'opereation sur RBX2a, RBX2b, SBG1a. ---- hello, We are going to start this operation on RBX2a, RBX2b, SBG1a.
Jan 21, 2019 09:33 by OVH