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EOL VPS2012 - zone vw-rbx2-018

Created: Jun 26, 2018 17:35

In progress - Maintenance

Chère cliente, cher client,
OVH fait constamment évoluer ses solutions afin de toujours vous offrir le meilleur de l'innovation. L'offre VPS 2012 a connu de nettes améliorations sur les générations suivantes et son infrastructure ne nous permet plus de vous assurer le meilleur service possible.
C'est pourquoi, après six ans de bons et loyaux services, nous allons arrêter l'offre VPS 2012 A partir de Jeudi 13/09/2018 22h00 heure de Paris. Soit dans la nuit du Mercredi 12 au Jeudi 13.
Périmètre : 639 x VPS 2012, tous présent sur la même zone : vw-rbx2-018
Liste des services impactés : confer le commentaire en dessous.
Nous procéderons automatiquement au remboursement du montant déjà prélevé au prorata temporis. Celui-ci sera crédité sur votre compte OVH quelques jours après l’arrêt du service.
Tous les clients impactés ont été notifié par E-mail avec les conditions particulières et étapes.
Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension et nous serons heureux de vous retrouver sur nos nouvelles gammes VPS.
L'équipe VPS d'OVH
Dear customer,
OVH constantly improves its products to always offer you the best of innovation. The VPS 2012 offer has seen significant improvements over the next generations and its infrastructure no longer allows us to ensure the best possible service.
That is why, after six years of loyal service, we will stop the 2012 VPS offer on September 13/09 22h00 Paris Time. It mean, from Wednesday 12 to Thursday 13 night.
Scope : 639 x VPS 2012, all based on the same zone : vw-rbx2-018
List of impacted services : see the comment below.
We will automatically refund the amount already charged on a pro rata basis. It will be credited to your OVH account within a few days after the stop of the service.
All impacted customers received an E-mail on the subject will all the details.
We thank you for your understanding and we will be happy to meet you on our new VPS ranges.
The OVH VPS Team
Impacted services : vps10218 vps10221 vps10225 vps10226 vps10234 vps10237 vps10243 vps10248 vps10258 vps10260 vps10265 vps10276 vps10288 vps10295 vps10306 vps10313 vps10332 vps10337 vps10339 vps10343 vps10351 vps10371 vps10373 vps10374 vps10379 vps10387 vps10389 vps10399 vps10404 vps10409 vps10419 vps10427 vps10432 vps10437 vps10439 vps10442 vps10446 vps10450 vps10466 vps10467 vps10477 vps10484 vps10495 vps10496 vps10516 vps10522 vps10534 vps10541 vps10542 vps10554 vps10555 vps10565 vps10583 vps10588 vps10590 vps10594 vps10598 vps10603 vps10608 vps10617 vps10630 vps10632 vps10634 vps10639 vps10641 vps10643 vps10644 vps10646 vps10648 vps10662 vps10692 vps10697 vps10703 vps10708 vps10724 vps10727 vps10728 vps10729 vps10731 vps10736 vps10756 vps10764 vps10770 vps10778 vps10780 vps10788 vps10792 vps10795 vps10796 vps10801 vps10806 vps10814 vps10818 vps10833 vps10834 vps10849 vps10856 vps10861 vps10869 vps10874 vps10879 vps10886 vps10887 vps10891 vps10898 vps10904 vps10918 vps10922 vps10927 vps10957 vps10969 vps10974 vps10976 vps10977 vps10982 vps10984 vps10989 vps10990 vps10997 vps11001 vps11013 vps11022 vps11023 vps11025 vps11033 vps11034 vps11056 vps11059 vps11062 vps11071 vps11088 vps11105 vps11116 vps11126 vps11140 vps11142 vps11148 vps11184 vps11196 vps11200 vps11201 vps11205 vps11210 vps11215 vps11225 vps11232 vps11237 vps11247 vps11248 vps11253 vps11256 vps11257 vps11258 vps11270 vps11274 vps11284 vps11288 vps11289 vps11295 vps11296 vps11297 vps11298 vps11333 vps11338 vps11341 vps11343 vps11345 vps11358 vps11361 vps11368 vps11370 vps11373 vps11383 vps11388 vps11390 vps11400 vps11402 vps11405 vps11407 vps11409 vps11417 vps11418 vps11430 vps11436 vps11460 vps11463 vps11473 vps11475 vps11477 vps11486 vps11495 vps11509 vps11510 vps11527 vps11530 vps11535 vps11542 vps11544 vps11547 vps11549 vps11556 vps11560 vps11576 vps11578 vps11583 vps11595 vps11610 vps11612 vps11636 vps11642 vps11644 vps11646 vps11648 vps11649 vps11651 vps11657 vps11678 vps11683 vps11686 vps11688 vps11698 vps11699 vps11700 vps11703 vps11704 vps11713 vps11715 vps11717 vps11724 vps11726 vps11728 vps11729 vps11732 vps11741 vps11743 vps11756 vps11764 vps11768 vps11775 vps11778 vps11779 vps11783 vps11797 vps11800 vps11806 vps11824 vps11825 vps11829 vps11832 vps11836 vps11843 vps11846 vps11856 vps11861 vps11865 vps11870 vps11874 vps11877 vps11890 vps11896 vps11898 vps11899 vps11907 vps11912 vps11915 vps11924 vps11937 vps11945 vps11947 vps11951 vps11956 vps11969 vps11975 vps11976 vps11985 vps12003 vps12021 vps12029 vps12040 vps13158 vps13172 vps13176 vps13179 vps13185 vps13186 vps13196 vps13197 vps13200 vps13208 vps13212 vps13296 vps13304 vps13316 vps13320 vps13323 vps13335 vps13342 vps13361 vps13365 vps13368 vps13377 vps13387 vps13391 vps13393 vps13396 vps13401 vps13403 vps13414 vps13429 vps13432 vps13433 vps13435 vps13442 vps13444 vps13449 vps13460 vps13479 vps13484 vps13489 vps13491 vps13499 vps13507 vps13514 vps13515 vps13521 vps13529 vps13549 vps13554 vps13555 vps13565 vps13581 vps13586 vps13588 vps13592 vps13594 vps13595 vps13603 vps13626 vps13633 vps13635 vps13638 vps13641 vps13646 vps13650 vps13651 vps13652 vps13662 vps13668 vps13672 vps13679 vps13685 vps13687 vps13706 vps13709 vps13720 vps13726 vps13731 vps13734 vps13735 vps13742 vps13752 vps13756 vps13760 vps13765 vps13782 vps13783 vps13789 vps13791 vps13792 vps13805 vps13807 vps13813 vps13814 vps13822 vps13835 vps13847 vps13848 vps13852 vps13858 vps13868 vps13872 vps13875 vps13880 vps13888 vps13891 vps13906 vps13920 vps13921 vps13925 vps13935 vps13942 vps13949 vps13953 vps13956 vps13958 vps13959 vps13960 vps13961 vps13964 vps13966 vps13978 vps13984 vps14005 vps14006 vps14018 vps14024 vps14033 vps14044 vps14061 vps14062 vps14080 vps14093 vps14098 vps14099 vps14117 vps14136 vps14140 vps14166 vps14168 vps14173 vps14186 vps14191 vps14197 vps14200 vps14204 vps14209 vps14222 vps14225 vps14233 vps14236 vps14242 vps14247 vps14249 vps14251 vps14253 vps14270 vps14272 vps14280 vps14287 vps14288 vps14296 vps14297 vps14322 vps14328 vps14340 vps14345 vps14349 vps14350 vps14375 vps14376 vps14382 vps14388 vps14392 vps14394 vps14417 vps14425 vps14440 vps14444 vps14450 vps14456 vps14477 vps14498 vps14574 vps14632 vps14633 vps14647 vps14655 vps14662 vps14669 vps14677 vps14687 vps14698 vps14704 vps16272 vps16280 vps16286 vps16287 vps16289 vps16295 vps16304 vps16308 vps16314 vps16316 vps16320 vps16324 vps16325 vps16344 vps16345 vps16361 vps16364 vps16365 vps16370 vps16383 vps16384 vps16392 vps16399 vps16408 vps16416 vps16417 vps16423 vps16428 vps16433 vps16439 vps16447 vps16452 vps16454 vps16477 vps16485 vps16487 vps16488 vps16494 vps16495 vps16507 vps16529 vps16540 vps16543 vps16555 vps16565 vps16568 vps16572 vps16589 vps16590 vps16616 vps16619 vps16642 vps16644 vps16649 vps16660 vps16665 vps16679 vps16689 vps16696 vps16727 vps16728 vps16729 vps16738 vps16758 vps16763 vps17038 vps17059 vps17103 vps17110 vps17122 vps17124 vps17129 vps17131 vps17138 vps17139 vps17148 vps17157 vps17423 vps17437 vps17438 vps17440 vps17443 vps17444 vps17449 vps17457 vps17461 vps17565 vps17566 vps17574 vps17575 vps17587 vps17589 vps17598 vps17615 vps17617 vps17626 vps17651 vps17655 vps17686 vps17693 vps17703 vps17725 vps17750 vps17789 vps17791 vps17807 vps17814 vps17820 vps17861 vps17876 vps17884 vps17886 vps17888 vps17892 vps17902 vps17924 vps17926 vps17946 vps17948 vps17980 vps18011 vps18057 vps18064 vps18085 vps18091 vps18326 vps18332 vps18355 vps18360 vps18369 vps18384 vps18580 vps18581 vps18585 vps18594 vps18595 vps18598 vps18599 vps18602 vps18605 vps18615 vps18621 vps18634 vps18641 vps18651 vps18662 vps18670 vps18678 vps18688 vps18702 vps18724 vps18730 vps18751 vps18752 vps18757 vps18759 vps18765 vps18766 vps18794 vps18800 vps18854 vps19091 vps19114 vps19116 vps19121 vps19125
Jun 27, 2018 18:28 by OVH
Maintenance re-scheduled after the vacations. It will now be the 13/09/2018 22h00 Paris time.
Jul 10, 2018 11:44 by OVH
We are starting migration of customers who wants to keep their IP.
Sep 13, 2018 22:13 by OVH
We will now shut down every instance in zone VPS 2012. The zone will be in maintenance.
Sep 13, 2018 23:22 by OVH
We are some delay on VPS IP migration. IP migration is started but some actions are longer than expected
Sep 14, 2018 00:58 by OVH
Migrations are taking a bit longer than expected.
Sep 14, 2018 01:07 by OVH
IP migration is done if you have the issue with your IP please contact support. Revert of IP is not updated. This action will take this afternoon.
Sep 14, 2018 13:29 by OVH
DNS names were NOT updated during this migration, so your new VPS name does point to old IP yet. It will be updated during an upcoming operation.
Sep 17, 2018 22:44 by OVH